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Benji Martin

What’s up, everyone? I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged here much lately, but I’m just letting you know that TimFest 2014 is tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it. As I’ve previously mentioned, TimFest is an annual celebration of great local music in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, as we as the birthday of its organiser, White Light guitarist/vocalist Tim Webb.

TimFest is held on the Saturday before Labor Day. I’m not sure if there are anymore spots available for musicians or bands, but if you would like to play next year, you can contact Tim Webb via phone at 336-906-1508 or via email at timwebb@triad.rr.com. I’d strongly recommend that you contact him and let him know at least a month in advance.

However, if you’re a musician or band who’s playing at this year’s TimFest, I recommend that you use #TimFest2014 in your online conversations.

Thank you…

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Check out the new song by Evanescence’s Amy Lee

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Evanescence’s Amy Lee shows a very different side of her music to her fans with the release of her song, Push The Button which is featured on Aftermath, the soundtrack for the movie War Story which is currently available on iTunes here. The song brings delicious blend of tones in an electronic ambient infused track. The track was created by Amy as the film director struggled to find the right music for a particular scene. Amy explains, “It’s very different for me, it’s electronic. I did it all myself, which was crazy, because I’m used to engineering and writing and mixing demos in my house, but being responsible for that being the end product was a new challenge for me, It was like ‘This is it, I’m mixing this.’” Amy makes her film score debut with Aftermath

Check out her song Push The Button here:

We may…

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Discreet Music – Brian Eno (1975)


Discreet Music cover art (one of many variations) Discreet Music cover art (one of many variations)

Around the time I was getting into the electronic music from the likes of Orb and The Future Sound of London, I became curious as to what or who inspired them. Invariably the paper trail would connect to Brian Eno. The name was already familiar to me because of his glam styled antics was with Roxy Music and production work with David Bowie, Robert Fripp and of course U2.

Nearly all the early new wave pioneers claimed to be inspired by either Eno or Kraftwerk to some extent, but there seemed to be a large gap in following the trail of modern ambient music backward. While much of Eno’s work featured vocals, it was the breakthrough album Discreet Music from the mid-seventies that would start him on the path of true ambient music. The ambient timeline from that point had diverged into new romanticism then new wave by the…

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