Nancy Pelosi Mediated a Spat Between Lana Del Rey, Kathy Griffin Over Worst Dressed List


Lana Del Rey might have apathy down to a science but when it comes to criticism of her outfits, that’s when the retro aesthetic-obsessed chanteuse loses her chill.

This year at the Clive Davis pre-GRAMMY party, Del Rey confronted the newly appointed Fashion Police host Kathy Griffin over slotting her on the notorious Worst Dressed list.

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In an interview with Seth Meyers, Griffin recalled the incident, saying at first she approached Del Rey to say hi, at which point LDR blocked Griffin’s attempt and said, “Uh, I don’t think so.”

Nancy Pelosi(!), who happened to be standing nearby, asked Griffin, “Oh my, did you put her in the worst dressed list?” before then mediating the tension that escalated between Del Rey and Griffin. “Oh, Lana dear, it’s just a show where they show pictures of people,” Griffin recalls Pelosi said, though…

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