Russell Simmons Blasts Geraldo Rivera for Hip-Hop Comments: ‘Now He’s Just a Talking Head’


Geraldo Riverajust lost his one defense, afterclaimingthat hip-hop is “destructive culturally.”

When the Foxpersonality went onHuffPost Liveto further agenda, heused the classic defense that he had the right to talk aboutthe culture surrounding hip-hop because he has one friend in the community:Russell Simm0ns.

Now Rivera doesn’t even have him.

When theDef Jam co-founder was stopped byTMZand asked for his take on Rivera’s comments, Simmons called out Rivera.

“The prison-industrial complex got people so twisted,” he continued, further discrediting Rivera’s opinions. “For 40 years they’ve been locking up diseased drug-addicts, educating them in criminal behavior, and dumping them back in the hood? Geraldo? he needs to just talk, he needs to get himself relevant. And he used to be a progressive, he used to do good work and help people, now he’s just a talking head.”


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