This 16-year-old kid runs his own record label

You go, young man!

Consequence of Sound

Move over, Jack White — there’s a new Detroit native making waves in the vinyl game. Meet Jarett Koral, who at the age of 14 founded Jett Plastic Recordings, and in the two years since has pressed records for 12 different bands.

Koral’s uncle owns Melodies and Memories in Detroit’s East Point district, so he’s always been around records. In mid-2012, he got to talking with Greg Beyer, frontman of local indie outfit After Dark Amusement Park. Beyer “was putting out a full-length record at the time, and he was looking for another label to put out the 7-inch. I said, ‘Okay, I’ll do it,’ without really telling anybody,” Koral said in an interview with WBTV 4 News.

The plucky young entrepreneur sold some of his own collection to fund the first pressing, “since pressing is around $2,000.” Currently at the tender age of 16, he’s not old enough to own the company himself…

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