Imagine Dragons Go Soul-Searching on New Album ‘Smoke + Mirrors’


By Shannon Carlin

Songwriting is cheaptherapy for Dan Reynolds. His songs are like journal entries?except they aren’t hidden away under lock and key.

“I’ve never been a storyteller writer that imagines something and writes about it,” theImagine Dragonsfrontman”A lot of times I’m stating out things?insecurities maybe that I have or feelings that I have…or a perspective of the world that I have at the time?and it tends to be good for me.”

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Sitting with his bandmates?guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee and drummer, Daniel Platzman?on a couch in the green room of the legendary Electric Lady Studio in New York City, right before they hit the stage for aconcert hosted by Fresh 102.7(a CBS station), Reynolds says a lot of times he’s not “verbally great” at having those touchy-feely conversations…

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