Street Called Desire – Rene & Angela (1985)


Street Called Desire album cover Street Called Desire album cover

1985 was a great year for R&B. The Prince machine was in full gear, Luther Vandross and Freddie Jackson were igniting Quiet Storm movement while Sade and the debut of Whitney Houston brought a touch of jazz and polish to pop. Somewhere in this mix of genre expanding abyss was Rene & Angela.

The LA based duo had become sought after producers/songwriters for the likes of Rufus and Chaka Kahn and Janet Jackson, but it would be their second and final album Street Called Desire that would be one of 1985’s best R&B albums.

As an example of the many independent style movements, the cleverly named pun  Street Called Desire had no particular signature beyond a collection of best practices in R&B production. The duo’s passion might have been their biggest trademark. Vague similarity to Mutume on the hit “I’ll Be Good” was as close to…

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