Watch Larry King Awkwardly Ask Big Sean About Marrying Ariana Grande


By Shannon Carlin

Larry Kingis known for asking the tough questions, but in an interview withBig Sean, he seems to only be able to ask the awkwardones.

On the host’s showLarry King Now,King asked the rapper about his girlfriend,Ariana Grande, starting off tame by asking how they “hooked” up.

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Sean looks a little squeamish, but says the two were friends for a few years, “It kind of progresses from there,” he said. “She’s great though, she’s awesome. She’s great to work with.”

Then Kinggets a little more personal, sounding like a concerned father, asking,”How serious is the relationship?”Sean politely says,”It’s pretty serious.”

But, King, being a hard hitting newsman,needed to dig deeper asking if the two will get married. Ugh, awkward?”Ahhh, c’mon man,” Sean then said looking uncomfortable. “Not right now.”

[protected-iframe id=”d3bd069fc45c52db18c7dc4269d1c267-46962087-35150373″…

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