Chris Brown: Why He’s Given Up Sex After Karrueche Tran Split

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Chris Brown is punishing himself for breaking Karrueche Tran’s heart. That’s right — has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Breezy staying away from women altogether and putting his manhood on lockdown. Find out why!

Chris Brown must have a lot of willpower! After his bitter breakup with Karrueche Tran, the “Ayo” singer realized that he just keeps hurting the women in his life. So, has EXCLUSIVELY learned, that he has decided to stay away from women altogether — in more ways than one.

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Michael Jackson Used to Anger Russell Crowe with Prank Phone Calls

I wonder if this is really true…

Round Two

Russell Crowe was recently profiled by The Guardian and while I recommend avoiding the article in general (unless you want to read the journalistic equivalent of making out with a Tiger Beat poster of your favorite celebrity while alone in your teen bedroom, only—TWIST—you’re a writer who uses phrases like “gruff antipodean charm” and the celebrity is RUSSELL CROWE ), it’s worth highlighting one particular excerpt about the several years in which Crowe would get prank calls from Michael Jackson:

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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: He’ll Give Up Being A Player For Her

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On the heels of the hot new romance between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, has learned that the DJ is ready to become a changed man. Calvin is finally willing to put his player ways behind him if it means securing a future with the “Style” singer.

While Taylor Swift, 25, and Calvin Harris, 31, have yet to confirm their relationship, it’s pretty obvious that major sparks are flying between the two musicians once they were spotted holding hands while hanging out in Nashville. Now, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Calvin wants to do whatever it takes to make sure Taylor won’t be writing a breakup song about him!

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Louis Tomlinson Blasts Naughty Boy After He Disses One Direction

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Whoa! Did Naughty Boy imply that he saved Zayn Malik’s life now that they’re collaborating together after Zayn quit 1D? That’s how fans felt as a Twitter war erupted between Louis Tomlinson and the record producer. See their disses here!

Directioners, we hate to tell you, but the war is on. Now that Zayn Malik, 22, has parted ways with One Direction and is working on “sexual R&B” music with Naughty Boyit seems like the record producer is suggesting he “saved” Zayn from his boy band days — we’re feeling the burn, too! It seems that Louis Tomlinson, 23, took the most offense to Naughty Boy’s diss, as he shot him down in a very heated tweet!

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Garth Brooks trades his guitar for fan’s cardboard one

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Garth Brooks is in the middle of quite the stay in Sacramento, playing 6 concerts over 5 days at Sleep Train Arena.

The multi-concert event has brought over 100,000 fans from all around California, all smiling their best smiles before entering and after exiting the home of the Sacramento Kings.

Garth Wanna Trade (urbnlvrr on YouTube)

One fan, however, had a once in a lifetime experience. She showed up with a clever sign for Brooks to read, asking him to trade guitars. Another fan posted the video to YouTube.

Brooks notices the sign and in between songs he decides to ask the fan for it. Garth Brooks grabs the ‘guitar’, a cardboard sign shaped like a guitar that reads “Hey Garth, Want to Trade?”,  from the fan. He holds it up to the stage lights and observes it very closely before deciding to accept the trade.

At the end…

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That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 6: Mark Tremonti, Taylor Momsen, Frank Hannon, Jay Jay French, Mark “The Animal” Mendoza, Eddie Ojeda

Hard Rock Daddy

That Metal Show - Season 14 Episode 6 - Mark Tremonti, Taylor Momsen, Frank Hannon

MUSICAL GUEST – Frank Hannon (Tesla)

Frank Hannon discussed his power trio (The Frank Hannon Band). They are currently touring the east coast, and to support his album, World Peace. Hannon has a big summer tour coming up with Tesla and Def Leppard (the bands toured together in 1987 doing the first tour in the round). Tesla will also be appearing on the Monsters of Rock Cruise this summer.

OPENING – Tribute to A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister, Adrenaline Mob)

The time that is usually allotted to the TMS Top 5 was used to pay tribute to drummer, A.J. Pero, who passed away suddenly on 3/20/15. The set was visited by Pero’s Twisted Sister bandmates Jay Jay French, Mark “The Animal” Mendoza and Eddie Ojeda. Each shared stories about Pero…

Jay JayFrench – Told a story about AJ being from Staten Island and his mangling of the English language…

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