Album Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday

Consequence of Sound

The opening acoustic strums of “Riverman”, right up until Noel Gallagher’s voice eventually slides in, sound suspiciously like the former Oasis songwriter’s most recognizable tune, “Wonderwall”. When asked about the remarkable similarity, Gallagher responded, “To me, it’s just a good song. The end. It’s for other people to decide what it sounds like. I refuse to overthink it … I play what I play. I’m influenced by what I’m influenced by, and that’s it. I’ve accepted my limitations, and I work within those parameters.” It’s a statement that goes a long way toward explaining certain for-instances, such as why the opening of “The Girl with X-Ray Eyes” may remind listeners of a certain presumptuous lady who once tried purchasing a stairway to paradise. Again, to Gallagher, a song is just a song, so he uses what’s at hand — what he knows isn’t broken. Consequently, Chasing Yesterday, the second album…

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