Live Review: Screaming Females Live at Boston’s Great Scott (2/26)

Consequence of Sound

Photography by Nina Corcoran

I found myself at the fantastic Great Scott in Boston on Thursday night to celebrate the release of Screaming Females’ sixth studio album, Rose Mountain. But really, as great as this album is, this is another one of Don Giovanni’s celebratory tours featuring some of their finest acts. Joining the bill as support are Priests (DC post-punks), Tenement (noisy pop from Wisconsin), and Vacation (sloppy anthemic punk from Cincinnati). While Screaming Females may be one of the crown jewels of Don Giovanni, the other three are quite the contenders in their own noisy, destructive right. If you didn’t bring earplugs, you’re kind of screwed, because all four bands played with the intensity of a fiery comet crashing into the Earth.

Vacation and Tenement were first up, each bringing their own take on fun, ramshackle punk. Unfortunately, I was only able to catch the tail-end of Vacation’s…

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