Mike Rutherford On Mike & The Mechanics’ Tour, Phil Collins, New Book

98.1 WOGL

The last two years have been busy ones for Mike Rutherford.

In the fall of 2014, his band, Genesis, released the documentaryGenesis: Sum of the Parts, along with its pseudo soundtrack R-Kive.  Rutherford also found time to reissue ‘Living Years,’ the hit album from his side band, Mike + The Mechanics. The deluxe CD features the original album, as well as 10 live recordings from the Living Years UK Tour in 1989 and a re-recording of the number one Billboard song ‘The Living Years’ featuring singer Andrew Roachford on vocals. 

This month, Rutherford released his first book, The Living Years: The First Genesis Memoir, and just launched a tour of the US with the ‘Mechanics.’

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer recently spoke with WOGL.com’s Joe Vallee about touring the US, his new book, Phil Collins, the possibility of another Genesis tour, and more!

Joe Vallee:You’ve been touring again…

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