Smoke + Mirrors Review

LMLewis Photography

I like to take selfies with my favorite bands new albums. Don’t judge me.

Imagine Dragons’ new album, Smoke + Mirrors, is fantastic.  It has all the upbeat elements of Night Visions, along with a few new and exciting twists.

Their sound, summed up in a few words: happy, upbeat, kind of vintage, even. I can hear Fleet Foxes mixed with The Black Keys in a few of their songs. Namely their song “I’m So Sorry” – the guitar rhythms sound a lot like The Black Keys. And I heard Phil Collin’s classic drumbeat from “In the Air Tonight” in the song Smoke + Mirrors. I thought I might be going crazy and hearing things, but Blake confirmed my thoughts when I had him listen to the song. I loved that one. I like how they can make a song that’s slow, but at the same time it speeds up…

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