The Music Of Bloody Sunday

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On January 30, 1972, 13 unarmed civilians were killed by British soldiers in Derry, Northern Ireland.

The tragic events known as Bloody Sunday were just one day out of the decades-long Troubles in the country.

Though they were, and still are, terrible struggles for Northern Ireland, they did inspire some great music.

For those of you who don’t know, the Troubles refer to years of protests and violence over Catholic vs Protestant prejudice in Northern Ireland, and over British military presence in the country.

(Getty Images)(A British soldier drags a Catholic protester on Bloody Sunday. Photo by THOPSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Northern Ireland is still under British rule, while the Republic of Ireland to the south is independent. A very simplified way of looking at it is that the Nationalists, mostly Irish Catholics, wanted independence, while Loyalists, mostly Protestant, remain loyal to the British throne.

The country was divided. Cities like Belfast were…

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