Mary Gauthier’s songs of pain and hope help others who’ve been there.

By Steve Houk

Mary Gauthier and Allison Moorer play Jammin Java on March 19th (courtesy Jack Spencer) Mary Gauthier plays Jammin Java with Allison Moorer on March 19th (courtesy Jack Spencer)

For a songwriter, writing a love song is arguably a good bit easier than writing about something real difficult, or gut-wrenching, or downright agonizing. The energy and fortitude and pain and guts it takes to dig down deep into a very dark place and come up with not only brilliance but healing properties is the mark of a real special someone.

Mary Gauthier humbly breathes that rarified air. She could probably write a beautiful heart-shredding song about a paper bag, but her trademark is raw, no bull, pain infused, yet hope-laced roots/Americana/countryesque music, and she writes it not just for the hard-fought exorcism of her own demons, but also to let others know, hey, you’re not alone, I’ve been beaten down, too, so let’s sit by the fire…

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