‘Blurred Lines’ writers ordered to pay $7.4 million

That’s not fair because I hear no similarities between Blurred Lines and Got To Give It Up. I mean, come on!


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Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams didn’t just blur the lines, they crossed them, a California jury ruled this week.

Their song “Blurred Lines” ripped off the Marvin Gaye soul classic “Got to Give It Up,” jurors found, ordering the performers to pay millions for copyright damages and infringement.

Talk about getting blasted: Thicke and Williams were ordered to pay $7.4 million.

It’s not the first time singers have turned to the courts to settle an accusation of musical theft.

Sam Smith’s song:

Tom Petty stands his ground: Young British pop sensation Sam Smith’s 2014 tune “Stay With Me” has a riff in the chorus similar to that of the 1989 Tom Petty hit “I Won’t Back Down.” Reports say the two settled out of court, and the official credits now list Petty as a co-writer of the Smith song. Petty says there are no hard feelings.

Huey Lewis…

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