Melechesh: Enki

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Melechesh Enki

Mystic Rhythms

First of all, my apologies. I meant to get to this on Monday, hence making this record a Metal Monday post, but life, work and promises I felt needed to be kept to people got in the way. So here we are, Wednesday, and I have a metal release for you. It comes from Melechesh, an ethnically Assyrian and Armenian black metal and Mizrahi metal band that originally hailed from Jerusalem but is now based in the Netherlands. Seems that back in the ‘90s, they released an album of demos called As Jerusalem Burns … that, naturally, ran afoul of the city authorities (and this was before the War on Terror, realize). So they’ve left Israel and focus on making records that touch on the occult and various legends. Such is the case with Enki, their newest release, as Enki is a God of some renown –…

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