Idol Recap: And Then There Were 12…


Imagine an American Idol with Jennifer Lopez rocking a powder-blue Amish dress from the Pennsylvania Dutch Collection, Ryan Seacrest losing his cool and an audience of SwayBots successfully swaying in time with the music.

None of those signs of an impending apocalypse occurred on tonight’s Season 14 Top 12 announcement/performance episode, but the hour was not without its share of whopping surprises.

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The human equivalent of a frayed nerve, Joey Cook, pulled it together and became an unlikely front-runner — at least for a night. The usually flawless Sarina Joi-Crowe saw her sense of pitch scamper down the freeway like an escaped llama on the nightly news. And the hypnotizingly good Quentin Alexander needed a damn Wild Card to earn a place in the Top 12, his failure to garner more votes than Daniel Seavey being akin to…

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