An Ode to the Concert Poster

Five Cent Sound


By Rachel O’Brien

“It’s $16,” said the t-shirt vendor at the Iggy Azalea concert.

“Golly! In that case, I’ll buy some for all my family and friends!!” I thought to myself.

I gave him a $20 bill, but instead of handing me the t-shirt, he said, “$60. Six. Zero.”

Unfortunately, the shirt was the only Iggy item offered, and the general response to my inquisitions about a poster were, “Who dat? Who dat?” So I huffed away with my $20 bill and a piece of confetti that would serve as my only souvenir (and a small symbol of my dignity). But as I walked past person after person wearing the $60 t-shirt, my heart grew heavy. “Christmas Time is Here” played in my heart as I thought back to the days of yore, when vendors used to sell reasonably priced posters instead of these outlandishly priced concert t-shirts.

I began to…

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