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Daily Rock Report

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky –

I would like to welcome all the rock music lovers out there, the sick, the twisted, the fierce, the positive, the passionate, the lonely, the determined, the aspiring, and every single human being that has that fire and love for some damn good jamming music.

I will be writing along with others as we share news, tidbits, reviews, and moments of unforgettable reflection. This site belongs to all of us. If you have ideas, new music, hot news, amazing photographs, anything related to rock music of all sub-genres, and maybe even want to write a piece the door is open. Just email me at dailyrockreport@gmail,com.

It is my pleasure to get things rolling as I have been a vocalist in various Louisville, Kentucky area metal bands for over fifteen years now and this is just another way to show I am just getting started, but we need…

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