Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Mortal Man’ Includes Imagined Interview Between Rapper & Tupac: Listen


Kendrick Lamar‘s brand new albumTo Pimp a Butterfly, accidentally released onto the Internet late last night (March 15), features a closing number that’s nearly unparalleled?and not just because of its 12-minute length.

Rather, it’s the subject matter: “Mortal Man,” the final track, is an imagined interview with Tupac Shakur, the legendary fellow California rapper who died in 1996.

The audio is woven together to create a seamless track that truly seems like Lamar is speaking to the dead rapper, but while Lamar’s part has modern day origins, Tupac’s side originated in a 1994 interview with Sweden’s P3 Soul radio show.That full interview can be found here.

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“Aight. so let me ask you this then, do you see yourself as somebody that?s rich or somebody that made the best of their own…

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