Norman Reedus Rocks: 5 Best Music Videos Featuring the ‘Walking Dead’ Star

100.7 WZLX

By Brian Ives

Weposted a story recently aboutWalking DeadstarNorman Reedusdirecting a music videofor an up-and-coming band called the Bots (and good forhim for doing so, because it brought a lot of attention to a very cool and deserving new group).

“That’s all well and good,” you might say. “But what qualifies him to direct a music video?”

Well, for starters, he’s a big music fan; he’scitedSonic Youth, Motorhead, Tom Petty, the Stooges and garage rockers the Black Angels as artists he listens to when he’s on set.

“Well I’m a music fan, too,” you might then say. “But no one’s asking me to direct their videos!”

Point taken. However,Reedus isn’t just a music fan: hehas actually logged quite a bit of time on music video sets before he becameWalking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon (and he’s done at least one music video since…

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