The Complete Guide To David Lee Roth Noises

100.7 WZLX

By David Von Bader

David Lee Rothis many things to many people: A premier member of rock ‘n’ roll’s elite; a showman of unparalleled vision; perhaps even the clown prince of his generation. But lost amid the superlatives hurled in the direction of the heathen lord of the ’80s is praise for the vocal gifts of Diamond Dave.

Undoubtedly a victim ofVan Halen‘s ability to wring approachable,digestiblesongs out of blinding instrumental athletics and Roth’s own (often cloying) sense of humor, Roth’scontributions to the realm of avant-garde vocalizations seem to remain unappreciated. With his endless arsenal of squeals and caterwauls, hecould very much be considered an Ornette Coleman of mullet rock or the Bjrk of cocaine jams. A phonetic noise artist of the highest order, really!

At any rate, Roth played an important role within Van Halen far beyond leading the charge as a frontman: Roth…

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