Leo Drezden – Multi-Moment

The Last Mixed Tape

Leo Drezden promo pic

The Last Mixed Tape reviews post-rock act Leo Drezden’s debut studio album Multi-Moment

From the outset Leo Drezden’s debut album subverts expectations with surprisingly uplifting and evocative opening track ‘Approach’, setting vibrant tone of Multi-Moment from the beginning.

With all these elements entangling each other there seems to be a communicative aspect to Multi-Moment seen in songs like ‘Hunting Drums’, while tracks such as ‘Slave Lake’ provide a more serene side to the record.

Taking in parts of Frank Zappa’s quick change structures and intricate jazz interplay Leo Drezden is built on a strong bedrock of rhythm that allows these complex melodic twists and turns the freedom to expand.

Indeed, with songs such as ‘Quest’ highlighting the crunching textural undercurrent that Multi-Moment sits above, Leo Drezden bring added shade and depth to the music. This is an integral part of the record’s success as the band’s more retro progressive-rock leanings…

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