Watch Kanye West Get His Flirt On With an 89-Year-Old Woman

I wonder what Kim thought of this…


By Shannon Carlin

No one is too old forKanye West‘s affections. At least that’s what this new clip seems to prove.

In a clip from the new documentary,Iris, which takes a look at 93-year-old fashion industry legend Iris Apfel, Kanye is seen getting his flirt on.

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The clip is from back in 2011, when Apfel was still just a fun loving octogenarian out on the town. This is before Kanye was telling us all what a fashion god he was. Safe to say he was a little starstruck by Apfel and her signature black frames.And obviously, when Kanye gets nervous,all he can do is flirt.

After Apfel tells Kanye, “I’m such a fan of your work,” Kanye thanks her and replies, “You’re killer. You look so good tonight.” Seriously, could youreally hate a guywho says that?

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