Zayn Malik: You Owe Your Fans More Of A Personalized Message After Quitting 1D

I agree, Zayn, because you’ve hurt a lot of your fans when you quit One Direction. I support your decision, but you owe them an explanation.

Hollywood Life

Zayn is obviously going thought a lot right now and I totally support his decision to leave One Direction, however, I think the way he is handling the situation is hurting a lot of his loyal fans who have been with him every step of the way for 5 years.

Yes, Zayn Malik did release an official statement on One Direction‘s Facebook, but after the news broke, all four of the other boys reached out to Directions via Twitter and Zayn stayed completely quiet. The first time he broke his silence was in an interview with a gossip site?! Zayn, that’s not cool.

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