Give Me Mercer

consider this sound

This song popped up on my shuffle playlist today and I had to share it with you all. To be honest, I hadn’t listened to The Shins in a while. They released this new song for the soundtrack of a movie (which I have not seen – Wish I Was Here) in 2014 and it’s fantastic. Mercer has said it’s “one of the best things I’ve ever done”. And I agree.

“So Now What” reminds me of good old Oh, Inverted World that they released in 2001. Wincing the Night Away was also an amazing album. Port of Morrow had a different sound, with songs like “Simple Song” and “Fall of ’82” being ‘classic’ James Mercer songs.

If you love The Shins, you will also like Broken Bells, Mercer and Danger Mouse’s side project.

“So Now What” by The Shins, Wish I Was Here Soundtrack (2014)

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