Tremonti – “Another Heart”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Hard Rock Daddy

Tremonti Band

For the legion of Alter Bridge fans around the world, the three-year cycle between albums can seem like an eternity. The silver lining is the music that comes out from the band members’ various side projects, the latest one being Tremonti’s second album, Cauterize, which will be released in June. Ahead of the album release, the band has just released the first single, entitled “Another Heart.”

Mark Tremonti has gotten a tremendous amount of well-earned acclaim for his guitar work, which shines as usual on “Another Heart.” Adding to the intrigue of Tremonti is the fact his vocals are front and center, unlike Alter Bridge where they usually take a back seat to frontman, Myles Kennedy.

“Another Heart” not only showcases Tremonti’s vocal ability, but also a powerful group of dynamic musicians who have the ability to seamlessly blend melody and speed. Featuring Wolfgang Van Halen (bass), Garrett Whitlock…

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