Madonna: Calling TIDAL the llluminati Is ‘the Highest of Compliments’


DidMadonnajust confirm the existence of the Illuminati? And that TIDAL is the Illuminati?

Those questions were left in the wake of Madge’s most recent Instagram, a shot of all blue?the very shade she and a handful of other big artists changed their Twitter avatars to in support ofJay Z‘s new streaming service, of which she is a 3 percent equity owner.

In her caption, Madonna acknowledgedhow much the newTIDAL promolooks like an Illuminati meeting and took it as praise.

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“If you refer to Tidal as Illuminati, you are paying us the highest of compliments,” she writes. “As I’ve stated before it is another name for “The Enlightened Ones” a group of scientists, philosophers and artists that emerged after the dark ages. They changed and shaped the world for the better! Do the research and…

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