Sara Lowes – ‘The Joy of Waiting’ Review

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Sara Lowes Sara Lowes

Sara Lowes’ review has been waiting a long time to come so I’m delighted to say the album is a joy! Pun complete – let’s go home… in all seriousness however Sara Lowes’ album is one of the more intriguing and interesting albums’ I’ve come across in 2015.

You see, Sara expresses the Joy of Waiting throughout the album by taking on different song structures and guises to keep you guessing on the tracks intent. Take the titular song which opens the album. The seven minute piece opens with a string, bass guitar and piano melody that sounds like a French circus wanting to go to a rock concert. After that the more vicious rock side barks out with hammond organs and electric guitars before fading into the actual song itself which borrows from both the previous suites but has its own melodic sound. It swirls around out…

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