Rihanna’s Name Isn’t Pronounced How You Think It Is


By Philip Cosores

There comes a time for some words when it is revealed that most of the world has been saying it wrong for years, even decades. It famously happened withgif, and now, has happened once again. It turns out many people have been sayingRihannawrong all this time.

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To be fair, the affectation that is commonly put on Rihanna’s name is placed to make the singer seem all the more elegant, giving her a name to match her iconic status. But, with a post on Instagram, the singer says her own name with a more simple pronunciation: Ree-anna. That is opposed to the previous common way of saying it: Ree-ahh-na, with an emphasis on the middle syllable.

And while this clip certainly ends the discussion on how to say Rihanna out loud, it does beg the…

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