A special 2 for 1 random cover posting: Weezer AND Travis “The weight”

Music Insanity!


Believe it or not, between all the eating , drinking, and lazing around listening to tunes, I do make an effort to go to the gym every now and again. For these trips, I’ve got an old iPod loaded up with tracks randomly selected from my iTunes library. Set to shuffle, I never know what gem from the prehistoric, recent past, or present will come up next, though this sometimes requires a skip or two, which I am loathe to do, but some songs just don’t lend well to the twenty-first minute on the elliptical machine.

This past weekend, Weezer’s cover of The Band’s “The weight” came up on the mix just as I was getting started on the stationary bike. Perhaps it was because I was already half hour into my cardio workout but I thought it was the original at first. Then, I realized it was harder edged…

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