‘Dookie’: The Flawless Green Day Album

100.7 WZLX

By Dan Weiss

Welcome toGreen Day Weekat Radio.com, a series of essays in celebration of the band ahead of their induction this weekend at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Today, an essay about Green Day’s flawless, breakthrough album,Dookie.

Green Dayreleased a flawless album 20 years ago, possibly the first flawless album I ever heard. It?s also the first punk album I ever heard, which likely goes for many other people born in and around 1985. These two truths didn?t seem weird when I was nine, but hearing many more punk albums and somewhat fewer flawless albums in the 20 years succeeding has helped me realize. Knowing what I know now, punks were never this direct (could you even imagine ifthe Clash?s ?White Riot? was released in the wake ofMacklemore?) and they?re anything but flawless. The almost-40-minute perfection of this thing…

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