No distance left to run: Twenty-five of Blur’s best tracks (part three)

Music Insanity!

BlurJust a few days ago, fellow blogger Hackskeptic reminded me of the very excellent Blur concert documentary, that incidentally shares this series’ title, “No distance left to run”. It follows the band on the lead up to their 2009 reunion shows and tour, giving a bit of backstory of the band and insider commentary and includes a bonus disc of the Hyde Park concert, also in 2009. I watched it a few years ago while staying at my friend Tim’s place on a weekend. Those who have never seen Blur live or haven’t seen them in so long (like myself) that they may have forgotten how good they are live would do well to watch it, especially the bonus live footage.

I saw them twice in a one year period about two decades ago now, the first time at a relatively small venue called in the Phoenix in Toronto with…

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