Twenty best albums of 2004: #20 to #16

Music Insanity!

Cheers to 2004!

Heya! I bet you were all expecting my monthly post of album picks this morning and you’d be right in doing so. I’m usually pretty punctual with those picks but I knew from a few weeks ago that I’d be late this month, on purpose understand, to give time for a couple of anticipated albums released just this morning fair time to ferment. To make amends, I thought I should come up with something equally as fun and what better than a new “best of” list for y’all to chew on. This time around, I thought I’d revisit my favourite albums of 2004.

Ah yes, 2004. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… but more better than worst. It felt like “indie” was exploding, all starting with The Strokes. Then, we saw the emergence of The White Stripes and Interpol and of course, trouble was brewing north…

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