5 Starr Classics: Ringo’s Essential Albums

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John, Paul, George, Ringo. Or maybe for you it?s George, Paul, John, Ringo. Ask enough people and you?d be hard pressed to find much consensus on who their favorite Beatle is. Butunless you’re Marge Simpson, you?ll usually find poor Richard Starkey?s name at the bottom of the list. One’srationale for the top slot can often be the source of fierce and nerdy debate. Yet rarely in those barroom conversation is there the need todefend or justify slotting Ringo Starr dead last. Even the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame chose to honor him with their Award for Musical Excellence after having already bestowed honors on the other three.

Consider this a challenge to all that kneejerk convenience. Scan the liner notes of some of your favorite albums from the former Beatles and, lo and behold, Ringo?s credited. He played drums on several George Harrison records includingAll Things…

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