You Know Mike Huckabee’s Presidential Platform, Now See His Greatest Bass Performances

It’s always interesting when a presidential candidate plays a musical instrument. Remember Bill Clinton and his saxophone?

100.7 WZLX

By Scott T. Sterling

Way, way back in 1992, then-aspiring presidential hopeful Bill Clinton paved his road to the White House with the appeal of America’s youngest voters.

In the summer of that year, Clinton would make an appearance on red-hot late-night TV’s The Arsenio Hall Show. During the show, he donned a pair of black Ray-Bans, grabbed a saxophone and joined the band for a spirited rendition ofElvis Presley’s1956 classic, “Heartbreak Hotel.”

To many, that was the moment President Clinton sealed his first of two electoral victories, proving that he was young America’s candidate despite playing sax to a then-35-year-old song (one has to wonder if a current candidate could score with youthful voters by wailing along to, say,Christopher Cross‘ 1980 single, “Sailing,” on a sax. Eh, probably, but I digress).

We’ve gathered some of the Arkansas hopeful’s finest musical moments to date. See the…

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