‘Guitar Hero’ Returning with Songs By Pantera, the Rolling Stones &… Skrillex?

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Guitar Herois making a comeback this year with its first new offering in five years,Guitar Hero Live. And it’s bringing with it some face-melting six-string heroes, includingEd Sheeran,Skrillexand theLumineers.

Yes, you will now be able to strum your plastic ax along to “Ho Hey” for points.

Of course, the game is also offering other songs by legends of classic rock, ’90s alternative and heavy metal, so theRolling Stones,Pantera,Rage Against the MachineandGreen Daywill be included, as will younger acts likealt-JandGary Clark Jr.

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In aninterview withRolling Stone, Jamie Jackson, owner of Freestyle Games (the company that puts outGuitar Hero, and who partnered with Activision forGuitar Hero Live), said,”It’s been 10 years since…

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