Taylor Swift For President: Camila Cabello Is All For It — Would You Vote?

Hollywood Life

Look out, Hillary Clinton! Taylor Swift made a huge statement in her open letter to Apple, which got the company to change its entire music streaming policy, and Camila Cabello thinks the singer should be president because of it. Would you vote for her?!

Should Taylor Swift, 25, be adding politics to her resume? Camila Cabello sure thinks so! After Taylor published her open letter to Apple, the Fifth Harmony singer gushed with praise for her pal on Twitter June 22, and even went so far as to say Tay should run for president!

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Beartooth: Download Festival – photo review

The Sound Of Summer

Beartooth are an American metal core band out of Columbus Ohio.  Formed by Caleb Shomo in 2012 after he quit Attack Attack!  Shomo had begun writing material for Beartooth before he left Attack Attack and  the bands material is very much an outlet for Shomo’s creativity, Beartooth’s material is deeply personal, at times harrowing and often brutal.  In many ways Beartooth’s music gives you a glimpse into the darkest recesses of Shomo’s soul.

Onstage Beartooth perform with an intensity that, quite frankly, leaves you shaken and emotionally drained.  A Beartooth show puts you through the full range of emotions.  During Beartooth’s short set they played seven songs from their debut album “Disgusting.”  In just seven tracks Beartooth deal with child abuse, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Beartooth’s lineup is a strong one, Lumley and Bradbury certainly shred the guitar parts.  It’s harsh, it’s pumping it’s loud and it’s intense.  The rhythm section…

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This Side Up – 3075

The Last Mixed Tape


The Last Mixed Tape reviews 3075, the debut extended play from Sligo based hip-hop three-piece This Side Up.

This Side Up bring a poetic spirit to the music of 3075, born out of the everyday realities that it draws from. Over the crackling intermittent beats to the lyrically twisting raps that pave right through the record’s hip-hop production the E.P. bustles with vivid sounds.

3075 is a record that moves. Whether if be the patient jutting snare of ‘Nod Your Head’ or the gritty urgently performed rap of ‘Plenty’ the record is constantly pushing thing forward, making for an engrossing listen from start to finish.

However, it is the use of language that sets 3075 apart. This Side Up understand the power of a word, especially in how the pronunciation of these words work to give that added je ne sais quoi to each turn of phrase that the group…

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Competition | Win two tickets to Valentia Isle Festival 2015

The Last Mixed Tape

Daddy G

The Last Mixed Tape is giving readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to this year’s Valentia Isle Music Festival in Kerry. 

The boutique music festival will take place on Valentia Isle off the coast of Kerry from Friday, July 10th to Sunday, July 12th and will include live music from: Daddy G, Norman Jay MBE, The Specials’ Jerry Dammers, Don Letts, Natty Wailer, The Correspondents, R.S.A.G., The Pale, The Frank & Walters, Pikachunes, New Secret Weapon, Young Wonder, Dirty Dubsters, The Hot Sprockets, Laura Ann Brady, Naoise Roo, Warehouse, Tigwara, Gar Cox, This Other Kingdom & more.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to the 2015 Valentia Isle Music Festival in Kerry this July, simply answer the following question in the comment box below.

Q. Daddy G plays Valentia Isle Festival 2015. What is the name of the band of…

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Support for Developing Artists

DyNaMik Records


Developing young artists or seasoned artists branching out into a different direction from their norm are not going to be churning out NO.1 singles/albums for a while, time is required to develop their craft, to identify & grow their sound! Even the most fabulous top artists of yesteryear and today mostly sounded pretty crap when they first started off. Allowances need to be made for this. An artist can spend anything up to 10 years to develop from the time they start writing & performing seriously ie as their career, not just a hobby. The creative process is ongoing, not a stagnant thing. Please bear these things in mind for those who put their heart & soul into their craft.

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