Chris Stamey: Euphoria

Representing NC!

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Chris Stamey Euphoria

Attempting to Reach Past Highs

North Carolina’s Chris Stamey has had a career that you could call illustrious, even though he’s hardly really been in the spotlight. Played with Alex Chilton? Check. Released the Chris Bell single “I Am the Cosmos” – basically, a power pop classic – on his own label? Check. Was a founder of the dB’s and was part of the line-up that brought forth the heralded albums Stands for Decibels (1981) and Repercussion (1982). Oh hell yes. Worked as a producer and recording engineer for various bands, including Whiskeytown (swoon!). Yep. However, for all of his accomplishments for whom he has been associated with, Stamey – now 60 years old – has forged a career of his own, of which Euphoria is just another notch in the ol’ belt. Honestly, Stamey is a guy that just about anyone could envy. And I have to resist the…

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