The Bruitals: Won’t Let You Down

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A Band That Won’t Let You Down

Take a stroll down “Dirty Boulevard” with Ottawa, Canada’s the Bruitals. Yes, that reference to a Lou Reed song in the preceding sentence is absolutely irony-free as the Bruitals, on their brand new debut full length album Won’t Let You Down, offer the same swagger that Reed has on New York. If you think New York is Reed’s finest hour as a solo artist, well, then you’re going to dig pretty heavy on Won’t Let You Down. However, the Bruitals, led by sneering lead singer Blair Chafe, do offer more than a cursory reference to Reed, bringing in punk and country influences into their down and dirty sound. Finely honed, Won’t Let You Down is full of lick worthy songs – possibly my favourite is “I Won’t Pull Out”, which, yes, is an ode to the cream pie – that…

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