Jagged Little Pill 20 Year Anniversary

This is one of the best albums in history since Band On The Run by Paul McCartney and Wings. Everyone song on Jagged Little Pill was just fantastic!


jagged-little-pill-by-alanis-morissetteIn 1995 I arrived to Canada on a winter night, leaving behind university and also terrorism back in those days. Montreal was a total new world for me. A peaceful small city, no traffic, no 8,000,000 faces, no violence and… no ocean. That was my only “issue” perhaps, but whatever, walking the streets feeling safe is a lot more important than going to the beach.

The first material thing this country offered my then 18 year-old-self, was the joy of owning a lot music. Back then cassettes still existed, but in their last days because CD’s were taking over. Still a novelty, CD’s were kind of pricey, but thanks to companies like Columbia House or BMG it was easy to have your own collection. All you had to do was subscribe to them by mail, buy 1 and get 11 FREE as a new member, and then buy 7 others in the next year or something… I…

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