Zayn Did One Direction: New Conspiracy Theories Surface About Malik’s Return


By Jeremy D. Larson

It’s been a crazy past three months forZayn Malik,since he walked away fromOne Direction,breaking the hearts of millionsof fans worldwide and getting piled on by everyone fromNoel Gallagher,Amy Schumer, andNaughty Boyin the process. But could all that drama be for nothing?

One Direction hopefuls/internetconspiracy theorists seem to think so. In what could be one of the greatest self-promotion stunts of this decade, if true, 1D fans are speculating that Zayn is coming back to the band. They’ve even collectedenough crumbs to support their prediction, asONTDpoints out.

For starters, the announcement of Zayn quitting One Direction has since been deleted from the group’s Facebook page. Then Zayn was reportedly re-added to the band’s officialwebsite. Plus all five members are featured on theirtour page.Googlehas also allegedly added Zayn (born Zain…

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