Puffed Millet & Coconut Granola

east coast health

One of my favorite ways to make a balanced, nourishing breakfast in the summertime is with parfaits. But no parfait is complete without the perfect granola! And since I like my parfaits with lots and lots of layers, I thought that a light, summery granola was in order. To make it, I knew I wanted something other than the typical rolled oats and nuts as a base: this is my go-to when the months are colder, but for summer a light, crunchy granola seemed more appropriate. To assemble the parfait, I added summer fruit (berries, diced apricot, cherries) and coconut yogurt. I also added some puffed millet to the base of the parfait, which soaks up the fruit juices and yogurt to make the consistency of a rice pudding, which I find to be just delicious. If you can’t find puffed millet readily at your grocery store, you could also use…

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