Krokodil: Download Festival – photo review

The Sound Of Summer

The amazing thing about music festivals of any size is that you always find new stuff to like.  I, like most people, go through phases in terms of the music I like but as someone who lived his formative years through the 1960’s and 1970’s my first love has always been punk rock and laterally folk punk has been the area that I explore most deeply.

As a result Hardcore and Death metal are not really areas that I know a huge amount about.  That said I am open minded and love to check out new stuff.  That desire for musical exploration saw me making my way to the Maverick Stage at last weekends Download to check out Krokodil.

Download festival Krokodil

Krokodil are a British ‘supergroup’ made up of past members of a number of metal bands including, Sikth, Bloodhound Gang and they even include Slipknots new Bass player, Alessandro Venturella in their…

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