Beyoncé Recreates ‘7/11’ Video to Celebrate Gay Marriage Equality


By Philip Cosores

While Americans by the millions changed their Facebook icon to a gay pride-solidarity rainbow following the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states,Beyonchas gone a step further to show her support.

Today (July 1) on Instagram, Bey has posted a recreation of her “7/11” dance moves, but in the spirit of celebrating gay marriage.

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Over the course of the short clip, Mrs. Carter waves a rainbow cape in the air, slowly fans a rainbow flag, dons a sweater with a rainbow on it, sports some rainbow angel feathers, throws rainbow flower pedals into the air, shows off a tight, and pretty incredible, rainbow dress, models a rainbow bathing suit, bicycles in slow motion while a friend carries another rainbow cape, and even showcases some rainbow undies.

Watch Beyonc…

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