Gary B Lucas – “The Way My Story Goes” Review

Higher Plain Music

Gary Lucas Gary Lucas

We love home brews and Gary Lucas is certainly one of those. The Brit returns for his new album “The Way My Story Goes” and its acoustic pop rock tones pushes a gentle confessional along quite happily. This is an album for those moments on banks of grass surveying the scene.

Opening with “In Doubt” the fusion of crystal clear guitar, piano, drums and the occasional synth string arrangement means that because there’s a lot of clarity, the instruments push forward together. It’s in the breakdowns of the chorus where the track shines though, as everything really falls into place perfectly. Gary’s voice has two modes. The softer and quieter side, and an audibly taut “hnnnnng” side. The softer side definitely engages more because the production of the album let’s it sit better in the mix. “Glow” allows this softer side to shine with the fusion of acoustic…

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