Dave Grohl Gives Fan The Best Birthday Ever

100.7 WZLX

by Alisha Jackson

Anyone who’s been to a concert has seen the pleading signs “Will you play _______?”, “Can I come on stage?”, etc. The signs are kind of annoying because A. they usually never get answered by the band on stage and B. they can block your $150 view.

Well, when Foo Fighters fan Anthony Bifolchi held up his sign to Dave Grohl, the guitar throne-stricken rock god answered. Apparently all it takes is the simple question:

“It’s my birthday, can I play drums?”

Yes, yes you can, Anthony. Well, after being called a couple dozen F-bombs from Grohl, that is. Watch as Grohl playfully busts Anthony’s balls before letting him take Taylor’s place on stage for Big Me.


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