Diver Down – Van Halen (1982)


Diver Down album cover Diver Down album cover

Although I grew up lovin’ synthizer based rock, I could not resist the lure of the guitar. In high school, bands like AC/DC, Def Leppard and Van Halen were commonly blairing out of camaros and mustangs in the parking lot.

Although I would never have a car in high school or know much about girls, drugs or alchol, I could relate on some basic level to the appeal of a screaming guitar solo. Back then, the divisions in radio friendly rock were few so many stations lumped bands like Foriegner in with older stuff like classic Led Zepplin. It made it easier to trace the appeal of the rock solo from Jimmy Hendricks to (then) contemporary musicians Neal Schoan of Journey.

One of the best guilty pleasures in rock outside AC/DC was Van Halen. I had always liked their early hits like Dance the Night Away…

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