Linda Ronstadt Reveals What Life Is Like After Singing Silenced By Parkinson’s Disease

In this video, Linda Rondstadt talks about her music career and her battle with Parkinson’s disease, which robbed her of her legendary soprano voice, which can still be heard on her classic hit recordings such as You’re No Good, When Will I Be Loved, and Don’t Know Much (her 1989 megahit duet with Aaron Neville). Watch this video, and Linda will pull at your heartstrings as she tells her story.

Eagles’ Glenn Frey Dead at 67

I have just heard on the news this evening that Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey has passed away today at age 67 after a period of declining health. Glenn played guitar and piano for the Eagles’ and sang lead on some of the band’s hits, including Take It Easy, Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Heartache Tonight. As a solo artist, he produced successful singles like The Heat Is On, True Love, and Sexy Girl.

Rest in peace, Glenn, and keep rocking in heaven!

Happy MLK Day

To my fellow Americans, I wish you a very happy and peaceful Martin Luther King Jr. Day as you remember Dr. King’s life and accomplishments. Not only has this man been a huge inspiration in my life, but he is also the reason for my stage name.

Benji Martin