Music Monday #7 – NEW COVER of ‘Yours’

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Hello everyone!
So I missed last weeks Music Monday post because I was having major internet problems, my home wifi has been rejecting my laptop and it’s nearly impossible to blog without it.
Plus, I didn’t have a new cover, and I didn’t want to make a post just for the sake of making a post, because I never want it to seem like I haven’t put the effort in!

Enough excuses and on to the main point of the post!
I have a new cover for you!

To hear my version of ‘Yours’ by Ella Henderson CLICK HERE

This song is so beautiful, I fell in love the first time I heard it and just knew that I wanted to cover it myself!

Give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments! x

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Album Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday

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The opening acoustic strums of “Riverman”, right up until Noel Gallagher’s voice eventually slides in, sound suspiciously like the former Oasis songwriter’s most recognizable tune, “Wonderwall”. When asked about the remarkable similarity, Gallagher responded, “To me, it’s just a good song. The end. It’s for other people to decide what it sounds like. I refuse to overthink it … I play what I play. I’m influenced by what I’m influenced by, and that’s it. I’ve accepted my limitations, and I work within those parameters.” It’s a statement that goes a long way toward explaining certain for-instances, such as why the opening of “The Girl with X-Ray Eyes” may remind listeners of a certain presumptuous lady who once tried purchasing a stairway to paradise. Again, to Gallagher, a song is just a song, so he uses what’s at hand — what he knows isn’t broken. Consequently, Chasing Yesterday, the second album…

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Video Vault: The Smashing Pumpkins bring Chicago to its knees during Siamese Dream release show

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Video Vault, a new series in which Consequence of Sound and Chicago’s iconic JBTV offer you classic concert footage from over 30 years of tape preserved in the studio’s extensive collection. Many of these have never before been seen by the general public.

Last week, we brought you a 1996 clip of Rage Against the Machine absolutely crushing a performance of “Bulls on Parade”. Today, we’ve unearthed a full-length Smashing Pumpkins concert from August 14th, 1993. The set took place at Chicago’s Metro venue and was the last of three Siamese Dream record release shows that week.

Over the course of nearly two hours, Billy Corgan & co. tore through 19 songs, including “Rocket”, “Today”, “Cherub Rock”, “Bury Me”, and “Bye June”. As you’ll see, the audience was truly ready to rock (there’s countless crowd surfers’ feet kicking about), and the Pumpkins were…

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Live Review: Screaming Females Live at Boston’s Great Scott (2/26)

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Photography by Nina Corcoran

I found myself at the fantastic Great Scott in Boston on Thursday night to celebrate the release of Screaming Females’ sixth studio album, Rose Mountain. But really, as great as this album is, this is another one of Don Giovanni’s celebratory tours featuring some of their finest acts. Joining the bill as support are Priests (DC post-punks), Tenement (noisy pop from Wisconsin), and Vacation (sloppy anthemic punk from Cincinnati). While Screaming Females may be one of the crown jewels of Don Giovanni, the other three are quite the contenders in their own noisy, destructive right. If you didn’t bring earplugs, you’re kind of screwed, because all four bands played with the intensity of a fiery comet crashing into the Earth.

Vacation and Tenement were first up, each bringing their own take on fun, ramshackle punk. Unfortunately, I was only able to catch the tail-end of Vacation’s…

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The Dreaming

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The Dreaming is an American rock band that was founded in the Hollywood area in 2002 by Johnny Haro and Christopher Hall, the former lead singer of the band “Stabbing Westward.”

The band, which is similar in tone to “Stabbing Westward,” but given a heavier dose of electro-metal, began almost immediately after the former band’s demise.  Hall and Haro began working on tracks for the group and by 2003 released a live debut album and shortly after, an eponymous debut EP.  A second EP, “The Bonus Tracks, followed in 2005.  In 2006, the EP, “Dreamo,” was released which featured Hall and Jinxx re-interpreting four of the groups songs with both acoustic guitar and violin.  The group released their fourth EP, “Club Re-Mixes” in 2007.

2008 saw the release of the bands debut album, “Etched in Blood,” followed by a three month headlining tour, as well as a…

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O Emperor – Lizard

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The ever-changing O Emperor make an impressive return with the Waterford act’s sonically sublime new E.P. Lizard.

With the sudden burst of glistening synth that opens Lizard O Emperor firmly establish the group’s willingness to expand the boundaries of their music with the absolutely monumental ‘The Sky Is Your Oyster’.

Quite possibly the band’s best work to date, ‘The Sky Is Your Oyster’ is a genre bending, vastly stylised production that rock the very foundations of any preconceived notions about O Emperor’s defining sound or genre.

And from here O Emperor shape this sound into the rest of Lizard. Through the melodically serene, but rhythmically turbulent underbelly of ‘Bogue’ to the abrupt, insistent indie-rock edge of ‘Switchblade’ the five-piece effortlessly jump from sound to sound while keeping the E.P. as a whole feeling cohesive and blended together.

Never ones to stick to the same spot sonically, O Emperor once…

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Kanye West Apologizes to Beck for Grammys Outburst

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Three weeks after Kanye West blasted the Grammys and album of the year winner Beck, the rapper has taken to social media to apologize.

On Thursday, West tweeted, “I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck.”

Shortly after, he also made an appeal to Bruno Mars, who he “used to hate on,” and said he would even like Mars to sing the hook on a song he produced with 88 Keys and Puff Daddy.

During the Grammys, West nearly stole…

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