Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?


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Puddle Of Mudd


Another really cool band that loves to rock out. Hard to pick a favorite, but this one is awesome…

Spin You Around

Another classic… (13 yrs ago, sheesh – came out in 2001)


And just a few more (can you tell I dig em?):



Alright, the list goes on and on – but this is enough for now.

Rock on POM!


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The Wahlberg Brothers know music… and burgers!

Through the years, the music world has given us the most famous families with talented members:  the Everly Brothers, the Jacksons, the Gibb brothers, the Cyruses, and the Wahlbergs.


Donnie Wahlberg first burst onto the scene in the late 1980s as one-fifth of New Kids On The Block, who scored hits with such songs as Please Don’t Go Girl, Hangin’ Tough, Step By Step, and their cover version of the Delfonics’ classic, Didn’t I Blow Your Mind.  Little brother Mark, on the other hand, cut his musical teeth as a rapper before finding success as an actor.  His group, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, placed two singles in the US Top 10, Good Vibrations and Wildside, and Mark portrayed the role of a heavy metal singer in one my favourite movies, Rock Star.

Earlier this year, Mark and Donnie shared with America another passion — hamburgers.  That’s right! They co-own a restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts called Wahlburgers (duh-dunt-duh) with their brother Paul, who is a chef and, as Mark says, the most talented member of the Wahlberg family.  May I also add that one of my friends has actually been to Wahlburgers quite a few times before.  The restaurant is the subject of the its self-titled reality show, which debuted this past January on A&E.  Wahlburgers is one of my favourite shows, and it’s second season premieres on Wednesday night, 13th August 2014 at 10 pm.

So if you’re a huge fan of the Wahlbergs or NKOTB, or if you just love good food, then Wahlburgers is for you!  Now repeat after me: Wahlburgers, duh-dunt-duh!

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Move To This – Cathy Dennis (1991)


Move To This album cover Move To This album cover

During a time when Britpop bands like Blur and Oasis were making headway on America’s rock charts, British soul music was wrapping up it’s own invasion. Music from Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, Caron Wheeler and Lisa Stansfield were having considerable success on American pop and R&B charts.

While The Brand New Heavies and Lisa Stansfield were often at opposite ends of the charts, artist like Cathy Dennis filled in the middle. Except for the emphasis on house music styles, there was nothing distinctively British about her debut album Move To This.

She did represent a kind of coming of age for British Soul, but not in the way you might think. Despite her somewhat child like voice, the lavish production that surrounded her represented a kind of corporate assimilation at the price of national distinction.

If you could image Dennis’ vocal tracks removed…

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– Words as Weapons :

I think this is their best song yet. The lyrics are good and it has a solid melody – which makes it worthwhile.

“Words As Weapons”

All I really want is something beautiful to sayKeep me locked up in your broken mind
I keep searching, never been able
To find a light behind your dead eyes
Not anything at allYou keep living in your own lie
Ever deceitful and ever unfaithful
Keep me guessing, keep me terrified
Take everything from my world

Say, “Can you help me?” right before the fall
Take what you can and leave me to the wolves

Keep me dumb, keep me paralyzed
Why try swimming? I’m drowning in fable
You’re not that saint that you externalize
You’re not anything at all

(All I really want is something beautiful to say)

It’s all so playful when you demonize
To spit out…

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Sarah McLachlan on parenting, sex and the ‘have it all’ debate

Sarah McLachlan is back with a new album and tour! Which of her songs is your favourite?


Editor’s note: Kelly Wallace is CNN’s digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two girls. Read her other columns and follow her reports at CNN Parents and on Twitter.

Sarah McLachlan, the Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter whose ballads helped so many of us through heartache, breakups and loss, was barely out of her teenage years when her first album was released back in 1988.

Now, she’s a 46-year-old divorced mom of two girls touring the country to promote her seventh full-length solo album, called “Shine On.”

“I’m a whole hell of a lot older,” she joked, when I asked her, during a casual conversation at CNN’s studios earlier this week, how much her life has changed.

McLachlan credits her success in the ’90s, fueled by memorable hits such as “I Will Remember You” and “Angel,” with allowing her to take time…

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